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Most of us rely heavily on our computers for work, entertainment, household management or more. It’s important to take care of them well so they can continue to be helpful and not cause problems. Many frequent computer users often wonder if it’s better to leave their computer on or turn it off at the end of a session.

Here are a few reasons to turn off your computer or let it run: 

Related costs
One reason many computer users want to turn their computer off is to save on their energy bill. Generally, standard computers aren’t a huge power draw, but some custom built PCs can pull more energy. Regardless, if you are trying to conserve energy, either power down your desktop or keep your laptop unplugged when you step away. Always keep in mind the startup time required for your computer. You don’t want to shut down if you’re coming back to work in an hour, it’s just not good time management.

Let it sleep
While you sleep, it certainly won’t hurt or your computer to do the same. Some people swear that their computers run better when they get shut down regularly, and while you’re catching some zzzs is as good a time as any to shut your machine down. Generally speaking, if you’ll be away from your computer for over 8 hours, it’s a good time to power down.

Traveling around
If you’re taking your laptop on the go, it’s a safer bet to shut it down than leaving it running or in sleep mode. While most new computers run solid state hard drives and have fewer moving pieces, you don’t want to risk jostling any parts while you’re on the go. As you move from one meeting to the next or pack up for a cross-country flight, remember to turn your computer off.

Remote access
One main reason you would want to leave your computer on even when you’re away is if you plan to access it remotely for any reason. You may have a local database or file server you need to jump into from another location. You would still want to shut this computer down every few days when possible, but overall you want to keep it up and running for quick and stress-free access.

Running backup or updates
If you are backing up your computer or installing new updates, it’s often convenient to let them run while you’re away from your computer, so you don’t sacrifice performance. When you need these to happen, set them when you usually have your computer turned off and let it stay on.

Generally speaking, whether you turn your computer off frequently or let it run won’t make a huge difference in its lifespan. If you’re having computer problems that aren’t resolved by turning it off and on, stop by and see us. We’d love to help get your computer back to peak performance.