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It can happen to anyone. You’re at work with a glass of water and you knock it over while reaching for a file. Or maybe you’re bringing a cup of coffee back to your work area and slip and watch in horror as the contents splash on your laptop.

Things happen and a big spill doesn’t have to ruin your laptop if you take the right steps to prevent damage. While no spill is a good thing, water and teas without sugar are generally easier to deal with than sugary drinks like soda (another great reason to avoid sugary drinks). All that to say, milk is one of the worst liquids to spill on your laptop. It’s best to not take any chances and leave the dairy far from your computer. The problem with sugary drinks and dairy is the residue they leave behind when they dry—the more residue, the bigger the risk.

Here is what you need to do IMMEDIATELY after spilling liquid on your laptop:

Power Off
First thing is first, turn off your laptop to stop the flow of electricity and decrease the chance of electric shock causing damage to electronic circuits. You don’t have time to save your files, you need to do it now. And this isn’t the nice shut down of your computer. Find the power button, ensure it’s dry and hold it down until your computer shuts down. If the power button has liquid on it, run to grab a dry towel to wipe it away to avoid allowing more liquid into your computer. Do not turn your computer back on until it has been deemed dry by a professional!

Turn it Upside Down
Make gravity work in your favor! By turning the computer upside down, liquid will begin to seep out instead of seeping in. Do not close your laptop! Leave it open and turn it upside and leave it there. While it’s upside you can use a lint free paper towel or cloth to wipe up excess liquid from the bottom and sides. Avoid pushing any buttons as they can push liquid inside of the computer.

Further eliminate chance of damage from electric shock but unplugging your laptop from its power source. If you are able to remove your battery, do so now. You also need to unplug anything else you may have plugged in such as a mouse or a keyboard. This will prevent damage to your accessories as well as open outlets to help speed up the drying process.

Bring it to a Professional
At this point your computer needs to be dismantled, dried and cleaned. While this can be done at home, hiring a professional is a much safer and more reliable option. A professional will ensure the proper work environment to avoid damaging static electricity, and will have the proper tools to dismantle and clean your laptop. They will also be able to properly clean residue from the various pieces of your laptop to safeguard against further damage. Remember to keep it open and upside down during transport.
Today many laptops have spill resistant cases so a spill isn’t a the death sentence it used to be, but you still need to be extremely careful. If you find yourself in the unfortunate need of help after a liquid spill, call us today!