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PC Repair Near Me Mackinaw IL

PC Repair Near Me Mackinaw IL

On this post we present a few helpful tips to follow when cleaning your computer. For other inquires or for professional PC Repair Near Me Mackinaw IL, be sure to call us or simply call bring your device to our location – no appointment needed!

-Turn your computer off before cleaning it.

-Never spray any liquids onto any component of your computer. If a spray is necessary, spray it onto a cloth first.

-Be cautious if you use any cleaning solvent. Try to use water instead or dilute the solvent with water.

-When cleaning off fans, particularly smaller ones, secure the fan or put something in between the blades to keep it from rotating. Spraying compressed air on a fan or cleaning it with a vacuum may risk damage.

Although there are many computer cleaning products available online or at local stores, it’s also possible to use common household items to give your computer a thorough cleaning. Below is a brief list of items you may want to use to clean your computer:

-Cloth. A basic cotton cloth is ideal for rubbing down the components of a PC. Paper towels can also be used, but we typically advise using a cloth to clean components like the keyboard, case, hard drive and mouse. Don’t use the cloth to clean circuitry such as the RAM or motherboard.

-Rubbing alcohol or water. When moistening the cloth, it’s usually best to use alcohol or water. Other solvents might be harmful to the plastics used in your computer.

-A portable vacuum cleaner. Drawing the dust, hair, and dirt particles out of a computer is often one of the most effective methods for cleaning a computer. Do not use a vacuum which plugs into a wall socket, however, because it creates static electricity that could risk damaging your computer.

If your computer is not performing at top efficiency, contact us today for PC Repair Near Me Mackinaw IL!