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Building a custom PC is something often deemed off limits to most of the population due to a sheer lack of knowledge. Many people believe it is more expensive and time consuming to build your own computer and prefer running to the nearest electronic store to talk to a salesman about which computer will best suit their needs. But, custom PCs aren’t always more expensive and come with a long list of benefits.

Here are 10 reasons to build a custom PC:

Motherboard Specifications
When you build your own PC you get to pick your own motherboard. It’s hard to know what motherboard you’re getting with an out of the box PC and finding additional drivers and support for it down the road requires a visit to the vendor who sold it to you. Having selected your own motherboard also makes it easy when it comes time to upgrade parts. Manufacturers will often have lists of compatible parts which aren’t as readily available for out of the box PCs. The bottom line, picking out your own motherboard gives you control over your PC.

Advanced Cooling
Many add ons to your PC will generate extra heat leaving basic cooling systems straining or failing. A custom PC allows you to customize the layout of the inside for optimal airflow and add in cooling features such as liquid cooling and additional fans.

Use Quality Parts
PC makers sometimes use low grade parts to save money. There is no way to guarantee quality of the parts since what they install may vary from machine to machine. Building your own PC let’s you or a professional team like Advanced Computing pick every single part used.

Easy Upgrades
A custom built machine makes it easier to swap out parts down the road. Want the newest solid state hard drive? No problem, just switch it out without risk of voiding warranties.

Each user has their own set of needs when it comes to a computer. When you build your own you have full control over the build and emphasis of your computer. From gamer to programmer a custom PC will be designed to meet your needs.

Appropriate Power Supply
While power supply is easily overlooked, the durability of your PC depends on it. It’s important to pick a power supply to fully support your customization, which is much harder to do if you are modifying a retail PC.

Save Money
A custom PC isn’t a money saving guarantee but chances are high it will run you less than than modifying an out of the box machine. However, if you are looking for a computer for basic word processing, internet browsing and streaming then go for out of the box. Custom built PCs are ideal for people with specific computer requirements not found on retail PCs.

Parts Warranties
When you buy a retail PC you will likely have the option for a 1-2 year warranty, which can easily be voided by dropping the computer, spilling liquid on it or modifying it. With a custom PC many of the parts come with their own warranties, most of which cover the parts for 2-3 years. This also prevents you from having to send the entire machine in for the repair or replacement of one part.

No Pre-Installed Software
Computer makers often throw on “bloatware” to make their machines more marketable. When you build your own you avoid having anything on your machine you didn’t choose to have there. This saves memory and in many cases money and makes for a better running machine in the long run.

Bragging Rights
At the end of the day, building a custom PC is just cool. Your friends will be impressed with your smarts and technological skills. These bragging rights will only be furthered as you are able to easily update and maintain your machine in the future.

If you’re ready to start down the path of building a custom PC, check out our custom built PC options for sale in one online store and call or stop in today. We love to help our customers build custom PCs.