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Replacing a computer can feel like replacing a child. It’s painful, it’s a long process and no one wants to do it. The good news is laptops can last for quite some time if you take good care of them, both inside and outside. Keep your older laptop going with these proper care tips!

Run Updates
Software and operating system updates generally help keep a computer running well. It’s important to note the difference between updates and upgrades. An update updates your existing version to a current version. For instance, 10.2 to 10.3, but it will not upgrade to the next major version, say from 10.2 to 11.0. Check weekly for software updates and run operating system updates soon after your computer announces them. Keeping your systems updated will keep you protected from viruses, fix bugs and keep your computer running well.

Upgrade the Hard Drive
There comes a time in most computer’s lives when a new hard drive is in order. Failing hard drives are especially common in Macs and you may experience hard drive failure when upgrading to a new operating system. If you regularly backup your files, a new hard drive isn’t as terrifying as it may sound. Bring your computer into a professional if you are beginning to see significant slowing, frequent freezes or the ‘blue screen of death’, or if you’ve experienced a hard drive failure. A trusted professional will guide you through different hard drive options and get your computer back up and running in no time.

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Clean the Inside
Does your laptop sometimes feel like it’s going to burn you? Does your fan never stop running? These are all common problems for older computers and are usually caused by a dusty interior. Computer fans are experts at collecting dust, and once the dust gets pulled in it doesn’t have anywhere to go. You can clean the inside of your computer yourself if you feel comfortable opening the casing and using compressed air or Q-tips to give it a nice clean, or you can bring it to a professional (which we recommend). Getting your computer insides cleaned out will keep it running longer and keep your lap from receiving third degree burns.

Use a Carrying Case
Simple as it may sound a carrying case is one the nicest things you can do for your laptop. If you are carrying your laptop in a briefcase or backpack, covering it with a protective sleeve will keep it safe from scratches as well as a potential leaky water bottle or lunch box. It’s best to carry your laptop in a separate bag or use a specialized bag with a separate laptop section. Properly storing your laptop will keep in safe in the event of a fall and can help extend your computer’s useful life.

Wipe it Down
Computers are dust magnets, especially laptops, covered with oils from finger tips. It’s important to keep your computer clean. Regularly wipe down the outside casing with a Magic Eraser to remove accumulated dirt and grime. Be gentle! Use compressed air or keyboard cleaning putty to remove stray dirt particles and crumbs from your keyboard. Finally, use a microfiber cloth and a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water or screen cleaner (not window cleaner) to remove tough spots from your screen.

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